Mar 7, 2008

Cathedral Square 1880-1970

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An elevated Westerly aspect of Cathedral Square, including Worcester Street and Chancery Lane in 1880, 1885 and 1970.

The empty building lot in the 1880 (top) image was the site of the 1851 house of the city Coroner and Photographer Dr Alfred Barker. Beyond, on the other side of Oxford Terrace, is the much extended Canterbury Association's original Land Office.

The centre image shows the newly completed AMP Society's offices, with the premises of Fletcher Humphries & Co, Wine & Spirit merchants to the Right in Chancery Lane.

Between 1925 & 1935 the AMP building acquired a fourth floor, and by 1970 Fletcher Humphries had become Aubrey's Nitespot, with the shop of Bell Television Hire on the ground floor.

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