Mar 7, 2008

Christchurch Police Stations 1873 & 1906

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Top Left: 1906 Police Station. Top far Right: 1873 Police Station

Bottom: Westerly panorama of Hereford Street West showing the building site of the 1973 Police Station at the Cambridge Terrace corner and the extant St Elmo Courts at the far Right.

A permanent, stone police station was built on Hereford Street in 1873 and first occupied in 1874. It consisted of two stone buildings separated by a yard with a lock-up situated back from the street (far Left in the lower image).

In 1906, in anticipation of the crowds expected to flock to the planned Exhibition, a new brick barracks and office building was built along the Hereford Street frontage, joining the two stone buildings.

Both the YMCA and the Eastern end of the building were demolished in 1968 to allow the new high-rise police station to be built on the corner of Hereford Street and Cambridge Terrace. After this building was completed in 1973, the rest of the old building was cleared away.

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