Mar 23, 2008

The Dallington Bridge

The Dallington bridge at the top end of Delamain Street (now part of Gloucester Street) was built in the early 1880s as a failed venture to establish a tramway route to New Brighton by Henry Joseph Campbell Jekyll (1843-1913) and Henry Philip Hill (1845-1924). On what had originally been Broome Farm they named the new suburb Dallington after a district of the town of Northampton, which is 98 kilometres North of the English capital London.

The Linwood-Avonside tramway, which ended at the bridge, ceased operation in 1936. Pictured below in 1930, the Butcher's premises to the Left is now a Fish & Chip shop.

The old bridge was demolished in 1953 after the Army erected a temporary Bailey bridge immediately up-stream. The existing bridge was completed the following year.

See a satellite image of where these photograhs were taken.

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