Mar 13, 2008

New Zealand's Oldest Shop?

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Long forgotten as such, this brick building survives as the city's second oldest commercial premises on the Eastern side of Colombo Street in the block between Gloucester and Armagh Streets.

Built in 1857, it was acquired by pioneer merchant George Gould two years later. Gould was the local agent for Burrow's Boot & Shoe factory of Cookham, the English hobnail boot manufacturer, and named his new premises Cookham House. His family lived above the shop from where they enjoyed an unobstructed Southerly view to Cathedral Square, which at that time was being levelled.

Gould prospered and moved on, the building became the expanded premises of the neighbouring Grocer Frank A. Cook. Later it would become a cafe and is now occupied by a Chemist on the ground floor, with Sergeant Pepper's Steakhouse above.

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Anonymous said...

Upstairs was Leo's Coffee Lounge one time circa 1970's - 80's.