Apr 18, 2008

Vintage Tram Derailed

A former Melbourne tram was derailed in the entrance to the Cathedral Junction Tram Terminus on the 14th of April, 2008 when it collided with a glass and metal door, which started closing too soon.

The 52 seat tram, which was carrying 15 passengers at the time, had previously been involved in another accident in November 2006 when it lost its air brakes, extensively damaging three cars.

Tram 244 was in Melbourne service from the 25th of February 1925 and converted to the W2 class in September 1929. The tram's last allocation was the Camberwell Depot. It was sold in full running order on the 28th of March 1983 to the Newcastle Tramway Museum in Maitland, New South Wales. When the museum was wound up 244 was overhauled and repainted in the original Christchurch Tramway Company's livery.

The tram terminus is situated on the Northern side of Worcester Street between Cathedral Square and Manchester Street. The circa 1908 building was the former Smith's Garage, subsequently the Mayfair Theatre from 1935, Cinerama cinema from 1963 to 1985 and then the Christchurch Youth Centre. The building was restored as the Quest Hotel and Cathedral Junction Tram Terminus in 2004.

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