Jul 26, 2008

Down and Nearly Under

Built in suburban Shirley by a former drain layer and tree feller, one of these dwellings is currently owned by a pig magnate, but rented back to the builder, who was brought up in a state house.

The Green alternative is situated amidst more spacious grounds in nearby Bromley.

Further reading
Developer's empire unravels: The Press, 26 July 2008


kuaka said...

Easy come, easy go in the days of lazy fair, er, laissez faire.

Ironic that the Bromley alternative will receive the public abuse for being an eyesore, public nuisance etc.

Canterbury Heritage said...

Between them lies ever other house in Christchurch; the McMansion (with the plastic pillars) is reputed to be the city's most expensive, setting back the pork tycoon an alleged twelve million bucks.

That there laissez faire translates into Newzild as "she'll be right," a perspective that, in view of our predilection for the overly judgmental, one might well commend to the occupants of both residences.