Aug 22, 2008

Christchurch 1965

These are the earliest known colour aerial photographs of Christchurch.

Aerial photography of Christchurch, which dates from 1918, is an important tool in accurately dating the city's development.


James Sleeman said...

Is that the highest reslution?

Canterbury Heritage said...

Far from it...

Being openly critical of the Christchurch City Council and the regional office of the Historic Places Trust policies relating to cultural heritage conservation, Canterbury Heritage stands beyond the seemingly cozy milieu that distributes largess to the compliant.

Accordingly, we're obliged to seek our revenue in the commercial market place by providing services to the property development sector.

All aerial photographs of the city are held within our archive at maximum resolution, but as they currently constitute commercially valuable documents, we regret the necessity of not publishing at higher resolutions at this time.

kuaka said...

Not to worry. the bottom item is currently available on eBay for a 0.99 USc starting bid & no doubt pops up on TradeMe fairly regularly.