Aug 11, 2008

Christchurch Radio - 85 Years

On this day, the 11th of August, in 1923, the Christchurch Radio Society, which had been founded in 1921, began broadcasting in Christchurch with station 3AC.

In 1925, the Radio Broadcasting Company of New Zealand was floated in Christchurch and in 1926 began transmitting as station 3YA. from the extant A. R. Harris building on Gloucester Street (above)

It had two steel 49 metre (154 feet) transmission towers built on and alongside it which were Christchurch landmarks for 70 years. The station began with a 500 watt output and operated on a wave length of 405 metres.

In 1932, the station was taken over by the Government, and is now known as the Radio National Concert Program. The Harris building has been the centre of State broadcasting in Christchurch ever since.

The original 3YA Radio Studio

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