Sep 19, 2008

Akaroa Visit for French Warship

The French patrol boat La Moqueuse will visit the Banks Peninsula township of Akaroa on October the 10th, 2008 to take part in the annual French festival.

The festival marks the July, 1840 arrival of 53 French and German settlers aboard the emigrant ship Compte de Paris.

The 450 ton La Moqueuse, which visited Lyttelton in June 2004, is based in Noumea with the French Pacific Fleet. With a length of 54 meters and a top speed of 23 knots she is well equipped for her patrol role. She carries a crew of 4 officers, 11 petty officers and 13 seamen. The vessel has a large aft deck and can land a helicopter if necessary.

Moqueuse = female Jester, one who mocks.

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