Sep 30, 2008

Christchurch City Redevelopment


The design by architects Warren and Mahoney includes a number of new retail outlets, a childcare centre, a café and a seven storey hotel containing 48 rooms on the former Robbie Burns Liquor Site at the corner of Tuam, St Asaph and Barbadoes Streets.

Only politeness forbids us from commenting upon the alleged architectural merit of this redevelopment...


kuaka said...

admirable self-restraint.

not so inhibited, i'll note that 1960s GDR architecture is alive & well - in chch. a shame the name warren is attached to it.

the structure 2nd down on left looks a bit like the fake NZ consulate in NYC in the Flight of the Conchords TV series. That architecture is reminiscent of some buildings on The Terrace, Wgtn circa 60s, 70s.

Canterbury Heritage said...

An Editor of The Press newspaper in a somewhat earlier era complained about our tendency to mental inbreeding. Had one need of evidence of an ongoing deficit of neuroplasticity, then such example as this unfortunate development proposal might well appear to confirm an unpalatable truth.