Dec 7, 2008

Historic Christchurch House For Sale

Had one a spare three and a half million spondulicks clogging the Till, then the 1910 home of Thomas Tayspill Dowling could be a handy solution.

A Tasmanian Shagroon, Dowling (1841-1920) was a retired farmer of the Oakleigh Estate at Southbridge, and built his six bedroom house at north Fendalton (a.k.a. Bryndwr), from where his five sons attended the Presbyterian St Andrew's College in Papanui Road.

Situated among almost five hectares of grounds, the house passed to the General Practitioner Dr David MacMillan in 1928. The MacMillan family retained the property until five years ago, when it was sold to the current owners.

Now named Hatherley Park, with armorial bearings and interior desecration to match, the house has its own web site, which opens in a new window...

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