Jan 19, 2009

Lyttelton Hulks circa 1933

To the Left foreground in this photograph of the south-western foreshore of Quail Island is the recently beached 1855 steamer Mullogh. Beside her lie the remains of the steam lighter Lyttelton, beached in 1907. Beyond the Lyttelton can be seen the remains of the circa 1882 steam launch Waiwera. Behind the Mullogh is the hulk of the three masted Australian barquentine Frank Guy, which was beached about 1932.

The s.s. Mullogh as built.

In this recent view, the remains of the Mullogh can be seen to the lower Left, with the Lyttelton and Waiwera all but vanished. In front of the Frank Guy are the bones of the 1865 Tea Clipper Darra, beached in 1951.

Photo credit: thanks to Steven McLachlan of the Shades Stamp Shop for the circa 1933 photograph.

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