Feb 21, 2009

60th Anniversary: 21st of February, 1949

The Christchurch City Council informs its citizens that a grant of armorial bearings was made to the city by the Royal College of Heralds by letters patent on the 21st of February, 1949.

Being the sixtieth anniversary of that allegedly august event, we'd like to point out that Christchurch already had a coat of arms (below).

This prior armorial bearing included a depiction of the Lyttelton railway tunnel, which was replaced in the 1949 version by an abstract representation of the first four ships to bring emigrants from Gravesend to Lyttelton.

The first four ships mythological conceit emblazoned upon our more recent heraldic arms conveniently overlooks a number of awkward facts, not the least being that these newcomers were welcomed by the Canterbury Association's emigrants who had already arrived via Wellington.


Jayne said...

I actually prefer the original, looking at them both together.
It's more reflective of the history, with the livestock, and who could resist a gorgeous train tunnel like that!

Canterbury Heritage said...

The naïve charm of the earlier version is undoubtedly preferable to the onanistic fantasy of including a Knight's helmet in its' replacement.