Mar 6, 2009

Early Hanmer Springs

From a collection of early photographs of Hanmer Springs by C. A. McEvoy.

The ten much enlargeable images can be viewed at the Early Canterbury Photographers web site.


Jayne said...

Love these photos :)

kuaka said...

the long, dusty road to nowhere...

familiar to generations who've lived in or passed through half-horse towns.

(one of my brothers claimed years ago that many NZ towns didn't rise to the definition of one-horse towns. Yes, I saw the six in the 2nd image ;)

Canterbury Heritage said...

Hanmer was a much favoured stay in the school holidays. It was a time when the Lodge was a fire-gutted ruin, Saturday night at the flics and no togs in the public thermal baths at the Queen Mary Hospital.

The Lodge would have made a marvelous study for black and white photography in that era.

Hanmer's now an over-priced and rather trendy Backpacker destination.