Jul 3, 2009

Heaven Sent Opportunity

Amid the lachryml frenzy of a heaven-sent media opportunity, we have the chance to cough-up at least NZ$ 70,000 for a memento of the visit to Christchurch by a certain song and dance chappie.

Long before he morphed into an eye-candy clone of Diana Ross, on the 5th of July, 1973, the Jackson 5 performed on the stage of the city's brand new Town Hall (below).

After the concert they headed for the airport, where the brothers signed a publicity photograph (above), which is currently being offered for sale by a Kiwi autograph dealer on eBay, with a reserve of US$ 44,000.

Detail from a watercolour perspective of the Christchurch Town Hall by Sir Miles Warren.

1 comment:

EnemyoftheFuture said...

Wow this is a rare find. where can i find this signed copy! was there any photos of the Jackson 5 performing at the townhall?