Jul 3, 2009

Recycled Bicycle Path Divider

Many Christchurch citizens would agree that cycling is one of the most eco-friendly and healthy ways of transportation, although it can also be dangerous, even if they use bike lanes (as a deceased City Councillor found out the hard way).

Motorbikes racing past, car doors opening and parked vehicles that need cycling around into the car lanes, are but a few nasty surprises encountered by our cyclists even if they stay on the bike path. Most would agree that bike lanes should be separated from traffic.

Made from recycled plastics, the Zebra is a black oval bumper that is fixed on the line between the road and the bicycle path to discourage motorbikes and cars from entering. Very durable, low-maintenance and non-slippery, the white irregular stripes make it highly visible.

We look forward to the installation of this Spanish safety measure on the streets of our city.

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harvestbird said...

Were you thinking of Chrissie Williams, the city councillor who was knocked off her bike by an opening car door in 1998? She didn't die from her injuries (see here by way of some evidence). Or has another councillor come similarly, fatally, a-cropper?

Canterbury Heritage said...

Fourth term City Councillor Graham Condon was killed in an accident involving a car while riding his bicycle on the 8th of September 2007.

Jayne said...

Ooooooooooo I say!
I do like the looks of that divider! Fingers crossed the idiot Powers That Be here in Oz let it get installed too!

Canterbury Heritage said...

There's be a darn site more commuting cyclists if the roads were safe once again. But here, at least, it's difficult to buy a simple commuter bike - the shops are full of candy coloured, overly geared cycles laden with gimcrackery. They might be just the thing for the Lycra clad "look at me" brigade, but are completely useless for doing the shopping.

Mick said...

That seems such an incredibly cheap and practicle approach to cycle ways.

They look like rugby balls sunk into the road. OK it was a stretch but unless you use the R-word you won't get any cash.