Mar 26, 2009

Artist at Work


This is a detail from a photograph taken by a German visitor to our city on the 22nd of March 2009. In something of an increasing rarity, it depicts a working artist rendering a westerly streetscape of Worcester Street, across the Manchester Street intersection, towards Cathedral Square.

There was a time when art galleries were working places where an artist could re-interpret paintings, etc. It's possibly a sad reflection on our era that in the case of the Christchurch Art Gallery, not even the use of a camera is allowed to inihibit the sales of postcards in the ubiquitous gift shop.

However, an old splodger of our acquaintance managed to sneak a small camera into said cultural mall and thereby to record sufficient impression as to effect this rendition of the foyer.



Jayne said...

Yep, we're 'blessed' with the same attitude here ( well, I assume we are as no photos are allowed and no artist has been sighted in the art galleries for many a long day!).

kuaka said...

I'm led to believe they have many splendid pics of said old splodger from the ubiquitous CCTV cameras...

the fast-winged kuaka got many pics inside the Canty museum and Te Papa a couple of months back.

At Te Papa despite various posted prohibitions, non-commercial uses are permitted. It's just as well as the masses take matters into their own hands & snap away. Don't think there'd be any stopping them.

The National Gallery within T.P. is off-limits though, patrolled by old splodgers and splodgerettes who'd probably give you a swirlee in the nearby toilets if you as much as raised a camera. They are assisted by the fact that the masses are either philistines or are too beat to make it up to the last floor so there is seldom a crush in the galleries.