Mar 23, 2009

Christchurch Pantheon

Unveiled on the 18th of March 2009 in front of the neo-Gothic Arts Centre in Worcester Street is a crescent of Bronze caricatures erected by the privately funded Twelve Local Heroes charitable trust.

Said to be of worthies who are among those whose achievements in the second half of the twentieth century are remembered with pride and pleasure by the people of Christchurch, we note with interest that more than half of those enshrined gained this alleged distinction through the world of commerce.

Top row, Left to Right (with the monumental inscriptions)
Sir Angus Tait (1919-2007). Father of the electronics and radio-communications industry in Christchurch, lifelong supporter of research and development, generous benefactor of educational opportunities for others.

William (Bill) Alexander Sutton (1917-2000). Artist, painter and craftsman, student and teacher at Canterbury College and University, pre-eminent painter of Canterbury landscape and people.

Sir Robertson Huntly Stewart (1913-2007). Businessman and industrialist, founder of PDL group of companies, pioneering exporter, generous host and benefactor to many causes.

Sir Tipene O'Regan (b. 1939) Rakatira, kaumatua, writer, orator and teacher, principal negotiator of the Ngai Tahu settlement which brought many positive results for all of Canterbury.
Middle Row
Diana, Lady Isaac. Quarrying and construction company co-founder, dedicated conservator of native birds, preserver of historic buildings, philanthropic benefactor to Canterbury

Elsie Violet Locke (1912-2001). Political, social and local community activist, well-loved historian and writer, determined and doughty fighter for the rights of the under dog, active to the end.

Sir Richard John Hadlee (b. 1951). World-class international cricketer, premier fast-bowler and all-rounder, first bowler to capture 400 test wickets, longstanding supporter of sports, youth development and health.

Frank Dickson. First chief executive of the Canterbury Savings Bank 1962-1988, leader and inspirer of the team which created over $300 million of funds for the Canterbury Community Trust.
Bottom Row
Emeritus Professor Donald Ward Beaven. Doctor, research specialist and teacher, loved and respected as the founder of diabetes research and care in New Zealand, tireless promoter of the healthy life.

Margaret Mahy (b.1936). Christchurch children's librarian, world-famous writer of magical stories and verse for children and young adults, giver of the gift of imagination.

Charles Luney (1905-2006) Master builder of many of the foremost buildings of Christchurch, upright and respected contractor and employer for the 75 years of his working life.

Sir Miles Warren (b. 1929). Eminent architect, at the forefront of building design for over 50 years, generous supporter of the arts and tireless worker for the betterment of Christchurch.

Photo Credit

We are greatfully indebted for the above thumbnails, which are from a photographic essay entitled Twelve Local Heroes, to Bob Hall of Christchurch (link opens in a new tab or window).


Jayne said...

Bill Sutton - looks like a top bloke, Elsie Locke - seems like she's have been formidable, Donald Beaven looks as though he'd be great to have a chinwag with and Margaret Mahy writes fantastic kids books ;)

Canterbury Heritage said...

Bill Sutton was the most interesting, managed to keep his feet on the ground, unlike some of the others.

I was at school with Elsie Locke's kids. Jack and Elsie were leading lights in the Communist Party, so the whole family was considered a bit strange in those days. Elsie was an inveterate letter writer to the newspapers - had an opinion on everything. Two of the kids became politicians and are just like their mum in that respect.

Mick said...

An Architect pays for and is on the committee to build a monument for himself.

Surely the definition of Redundancy.

donna said...

Is Canterbury Heritage aware of the demolition proposal that is currently with the CCC of 392 Oxford Terrace Elsie Lockes Cottage?

S Miller said...

CHARLES LUNEY - MASTER BUILDER ***PREMIERE*** Hollywood3 Sumner, 8pm 30th November 2014 - Once in a lifetime!! all welcome!! for bookings!