Aug 2, 2008

Bureaucratic Hypocrisy?

Against strong public opinion the Christchurch City Council allowed the demolition of the historically significant 1880 Sunnyside Hospital at Addington.

Now plans to restore part of the Hospital garden as a public park are being released by the Council for comment.

Christchurch City Council Parks and Waterways Planner David Sissons says it is proposed that features of the garden be restored, to recognise the historical significance of the site and to suit a new residential subdivision.

The neo-Gothic Sunnyside Hospital was demolished by Ngai Tahu Property Limited.

A property Project Manager formerly in the employ of what is probably Christchurch's most enduring political dynasty is now Development Manager of Ngai Tahu Property Limited.

The Chairman of a major City Council subsidiary company is also Chairman of the aforementioned political dynasty's property holding company and Policy & Research Manager for Ngai Tahu.

Further reading:

Christchurch City Council Press Release, 1 August, 2008.

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