Dec 4, 2008

1860s Canterbury Transport


With Mount Cook in the background, an 1860s six-in-hand Brewer's wagon crosses the braided Rangitata River on a northward journey to Christchurch.


kuaka said...

so when was the pic taken? 2008? It looks too good - the dalmatian dog between men, harnesses, and spotless wagon wheels. Or am I too suspicious this is a brewery ad? I concede - and note - you don't claim it's a 1860s pic. Doubt anybody would've transported beer by wagon in 1860s... a job for coastal shipping.

Canterbury Heritage said...

No idea when it was taken, but the film speed indicated by the water spray would indicate a much later date than the 1860s.

The original framed photograph bears the label of a defunct Papanui picture framer on the reverse, so it's not that recent.

But you're certainly right about transporting beer by coastal shipping in that period. The possibility of a staged Brewery event would therefore appear most likely.

Anonymous said...

It's part of a DB breweries campaign. 1990s I Think.